Abkhazia in the fall

Abkhazia is one of the most popular travel destinations of Russia. And this is not surprising: a clear sea, beautiful mountains, beautiful nature, hospitable locals, delicious cuisine – and all this at low prices and no hassle with registration of visas and foreign passports. Knowledgeable tourists plan holidays in Abkhazia in the fall, when the number of resorts and can enjoy the charms of the Indian summer without the noise, lines and crowds of people.

Hospitable Abkhazia in Autumn.

This small republic is lucky with its geographical location: the gray peaks of the Caucasus Mountains protect it from the cold streams, while the warm Black Sea provides comfortable weather. In this sunny place early spring comes, long pleasurable summer is followed by dry and comfortable autumn and mild winter. The country's varied topography influences the strong variations in temperature. While the thermometer on the coast reaches its highest values, in the mountains there is permafrost.

Nature is the main treasure of Abkhazia

Nature is the greatest treasure of Abkhazia.

The ideal time for a holiday at the resorts of this country is the so-called "velvet season" from late August to mid-October. The weather in Abkhazia in autumn is very comfortable. By August the sea gets up to 30 degrees warm and retains heat accumulated during summer, so you can swim as much as you want. The sun does not shine so brightly anymore, reducing the risk of getting burnt, but the days are bright and allow you to walk around in summer clothes. There is no suffocating heat in the air, it is pleasantly refreshed by cool sea breeze, there is no need to seek saving shade, and walking along Sukhumi embankments, streets of Pitsunda and New Athos only benefits from it!

The sea in Abkhazia is as warm in autumn as it is in summer

The sea in Abkhazia in autumn is as warm as in summer.
Sometimes the humid subtropical climate is unpredictable and changeable, but the autumn holiday in Abkhazia will not be spoiled by this – if it rains in Pitsunda, then already in Gagra you may be met by sunshine. Before a trip to the mountains it is worth checking the weather forecast – with the beginning of autumn the bright sun is replaced by frosts during the day, and in some areas it may snow for the first time. To have a restful breath of healthy air, to admire the Alpine meadows and blue lakes, dress more warmly.

Picturesque mountains of Abkhazia

The picturesque mountains of Abkhazia.

Holidaying in Abkhazia in the fall allows not only to indulge in beach pleasures, but also to get acquainted with the beauty of local nature. Rich flora of the region presents itself to guests in all variety of colors: yellowing and blushing maples and magnolias create unforgettable color combinations with evergreen spruces and tropical palms.

In autumn the nature of Abkhazia is stunningly beautiful

In autumn the nature of Abkhazia is very beautiful.

There is golden time for gourmets – the shelves are bursting with ripe bunches of grapes, figs, chestnuts and pomegranates. In October, kiwi, feijoa and persimmon ripen. Noisy and fun harvest festivals, where you can taste juicy autumn fruits and light young wine.

Abkhazian cuisine - a delight for gourmets!

Abkhaz cuisine – a delight for gourmets!

To study the attractions of the region in the fall is also much more comfortable – the streets and embankments, palaces and fortresses, gardens and churches are noisy crowds of tourists and kilometer-long lines, so you can slowly get acquainted with the culture of Abkhazia and take beautiful pictures.

Gagra Colonnade - a spectacular picture without the crowds of tourists in the background!

Gagra Colonnade – a spectacular shot without crowds of tourists in the background!

Abkhazia in autumn is also attractive for the budget. Prices for accommodation, food and entertainment are reduced significantly, while the number of bargains and discounts from tour operators increases.