Autumn in the Crimea: ideas for vacations

Autumn is a great time for a vacation on the Crimean peninsula. The number of tourists significantly decreases, prices go down, fresh fruits and vegetables appear in the markets, there’s not a strong tourist frenzy in the museums and popular attractions. Another big plus is that in autumn in the Crimea there are a lot of festivals and concerts. In this article you will read where to go at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of autumn. What can be seen on the peninsula, interesting places and attractions.

Autumn Travel in the Crimea

Where to go in September

September is the beginning of the Velvet season. The sun is not baking so hard, the sea is heated to an ideal temperature, on the beaches a lot of free space, the prices for accommodation and meals please. The average air temperature during the day in the first two weeks of September +24C, at night is cooler, just +16, the temperature of the Black Sea +22C. +24С. By the end of the month, both the air and the sea cool off, cold winds begin to blow, and the number of overcast days increases. In early autumn in the Crimea rushes families with children and tourists of retirement age.
For the comfortable and interesting rest is better to choose the resorts of the south coast: Evpatoria, Sevastopol, Feodosia, Yalta, etc.д.

If you prefer a beach holiday go to Evpatoria. Here is a wide sandy coastline, clear water, well-developed infrastructure. All beaches are equipped with sun beds, changing rooms and showers. For children, there are rides and water parks that are still operating under the summer regime. Be sure to visit the Dolphinarium, Aquarium, Dinopark – these places are popular with young travelers. On cloudy days you can go on excursions: visit the Karaite kenassas, Gezlev Gate, the Juma Jami Mosque. At the beginning of the month in Evpatoria takes place the festival of children’s and family cinema “Sunny Island”.

Evpatoriya beach in September

Evpatoria beach in September

Sevastopol in September will surprise you with its sunny, dry weather and warm sea. Air temperature at the beginning of the month +20C. +25C, from mid-September it gets cooler, it rains sometimes, the temperature drops to +16C. +18С. In the sea is also better to bathe in the first half of the month, then the sea has not yet had time to cool, the water temperature +24C. +25С. Beach lovers can swim and sunbathe in Ukuchuevka or Lyubimovka. There shoreline covers a soft sand, the entrance to the sea is flat, the beaches are equipped with everything you need. The famous Jasper beach will seduce you with its beauty, and the beaches of Cossack bay and Balaclava convenient to reach. Except seaside rest be sure to visit places of interest. Because Sevastopol, first of all, the city of military glory, in addition, here is the main naval base of the Black Sea Fleet. In general, there is a lot to see.

Go to the ancient city of Chersonese, visit Balaclava, go to the Malakhov Mound. Be sure to visit the panorama “Defense of Sevastopol in 1854-1855” with school-age children.”From entertainment in Sevastopol there is a water park “Zurbagan”, dolphinarium and ecopark “Lukomorye. From May till September those who like to spend their time in a constructive way can go to the War and Peace festival. At the end of the month you can take part in the celebrations for the Day of Tourism.

The Colors of Autumn in Sevastopol

The colors of autumn in Sevastopol

Big and bustling resort town Yalta will welcome you in September with warm and sunny weather. At the beginning of the month the daytime thermometer does not fall below +26C, at night it’s +18C. +21С. But with approach in October rainy days becomes more, in the afternoon air gets warm only to +15С. With the sea is the same. At the beginning of the month it is heated to +25C, and then every day it gets colder and colder. September is a good time to combine beach vacations and sightseeing walks.

If the weather is fine, go to the beaches: Massandrovsky, Primorsky, Dolphin, Orange. There are a lot of wild beaches on the Yalta coast. When the weather is bad, you can visit local sights, such as the Massandra Palace, the Palace of Emir of Bukhara, the Swallow’s Nest. If you like literature, you can visit Chekhov’s house-museum, the Yalta Historical-Literary Museum. If you are traveling with children, take them to Yalta Zoo, Crocodilarium. You can also go to the nearest water park: “Almond Grove” in Alushta or “Blue Bay” in Simeiz.
There are a lot of festivals in Yalta in September. In the beginning of the month there’s a festival of children’s and family cinema “Sunny Island”. The international music festival “The Road to Yalta” attracts thousands of visitors to Yalta seafront. This city is the main cultural center of the Eastern Crimea for a reason.

Japanese garden in Yalta

The Japanese garden in Yalta

Feodosia Rich in historical and architectural monuments. The main attraction is the Genoese fortress Kafa and the Tower of St. Constantine. Go for a walk along the waterfront, go to Toplovsky monastery, visit the Mufti Jami mosque. If you want to get acquainted with the nature of the peninsula, visit the Karadag Reserve or take a walk in the caves. Feodosia is also one of the favorite vacation places of the creative intelligentsia of the last century. Here you can visit the Aivazovsky Picture Gallery, the Voloshin House Museum, the Green Museum, the Tsvetayevs’ Sisters Museum.

Spend a sunny and hot day on the beaches Feodosia. In the city there are beaches both sandy and pebbly. All of them are well-equipped and have a rich infrastructure. You can rent a catamaran or a jet-ski for adults, or go banana boating for children, and have a good time at playgrounds and amusement rides. From entertainment in Feodosia there is a crocodile farm, the Safari Park “Taigan” and the dolphinarium “Nemo. All of them work as usual till the middle of September.

Autumn Park in Feodosia

Autumn park in Feodosia

What to do in the Crimea in October

In October, it’s more suitable for leisurely strolls around nature reserves and parks, sightseeing and visiting monuments. The weather in mid-autumn is very hard to predict: a sunny and warm day is unexpectedly replaced by a cold wind and rain. On the average the temperature at the beginning of the month during the day +18C. +22C, sometimes it’s hotter. The thermometer goes down to +14С at night. +16С. Then it gets colder, and then there are less sunny days. You can only swim in the first week of October, the water temperature at this time is still +18C. +20С. On warm sunny days is better to just sunbathe on the beach, stock up on vitamin D.

October is the month of travels on the peninsula. You can rent a car and drive around the southern coast of Crimea, stopping at the most interesting and picturesque places, visiting monuments and museums.

If you’re vacationing in Yalta, Ai-Petri Mountain is a must-see. This is one of the most famous peaks of the peninsula, its height 1234 meters above sea level. From the mountain there is a wonderful view of the Crimean coast and the sea. You can get to the top by cable car, you don’t have to stand in a queue, because there are much fewer tourists in October.

The picturesque Yalta-Sevastopol road

The picturesque road Yalta-Sevastopol

From Yalta It’s easy to get to Sevastopol, the trip by car will take about an hour. This city has a lot of museums and monuments devoted to military subjects: Malakhov Mound, Panorama Museum “Defense of Sevastopol in 1854-1855,” a monument to Admiral Nakhimov, a monument to sunken ships. You can visit ancient aqueducts and the Tauric Chersonese National Reserve.

If you decide to have a rest in Alushta, don’t miss the Karasan Palace, Dzhur-Dzhur Waterfall, Ghost Valley, Marble Cave. In the evening you can walk along the promenade.

Near Alushta There is a resort town Sudak and a small village New World. В Sudak There is a branch of the factory Massandra, where the wines are tasted. You can also go to the Genoese fortress, climb the Watch and Maiden Tower. The main attraction of the village Novyi Svet – The Golitsyn Path, which will lead you to the Golitsyn Grotto. They say that Chaliapin himself sang there. You should also visit the Museum of the History of Winemaking and the ruins of the Bosporan fortress.

Crimea, Golitsyn's Path

Crimea, Golitsyn’s Path

If you have time, go to Bakhchisaray. It is a city with a rich history. There are the monuments of the Crimean Khanate: Davlet-Saray, Khan’s Mosque, Khan’s Palace, and cave towns: Chufut-Kale, Kachi-Kalon, Tepe-Kermen, Eski-Kermen.

Unfortunately, the water parks in October have already closed the season, so this children’s entertainment is not available. But you can take your child to the dolphin show in Yevpatoria, in early October, the dolphinarium still works. You can also visit the zoos in Yalta or Alushta.

Bakhchisaray in late October

Bakhchisaray in late October

Holidays in November

Unhurried walks in the autumn forest in the Crimea are a great way to improve your health before the winter

Taking a leisurely stroll in the autumn forest in the Crimea is a great way to improve your health before winter

In November, the peninsula is visited by those who have decided to improve their health in numerous health resorts. The history of health resorts goes back to the 19th century, and members of the royal family, nobility, and intellectuals were treated here. During its two centuries of existence, the medical business has reached a high level of development.
Choosing a sanatorium for treatment in the Crimea. Southern coast of Crimea sanatoriums focus on treating respiratory organs. Sea air, filled with phytoncides of pine forests, helps with respiratory diseases, asthma, chronic bronchitis. The most popular health resorts are located in Yalta, Alushta, Alupka and Livadia. With cardiovascular diseases and diseases of the circulatory system should choose health resorts Feodosia, Big Yalta. In addition to classical treatment, here are recommended walks on health trails, of which there are about 40 on the southern coast. Sanatoria Saki and Evpatoria are known for their healing mud. People come here for treatment of skin, gynecological diseases, and also joint and ENT problems.