Cuba Havana attractions. What to see

Cuba. Havana's main attractions

The Havana Capitol is a majestic Renaissance building in the center of the capital, built in 1926-1929. Formerly the seat of the Cuban Parliament, now the halls are used for conferences. It is located on Prado Blvd. The Capitol Hill belongs to the most beautiful architectural monuments not only in Cuba but in Latin America as well.

The central part of the Capitol consists of six stories, crowned by a dome covered with gold. Flanked by two buildings that formerly housed the Senate of the Republic and the House of Representatives, adorned with ten-foot columns. The Capitol is surrounded by a beautiful garden, with monuments to revolutionary heroes.

Havana Cathedral

The Cathedral or St. Christopher's Cathedral is a beautiful Baroque building in Cienaga Square, where Columbus' ashes were buried in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Cathedral of St. Christopher in Havana

The cathedral, built of limestone, is a rectangle 35 by 34 meters in size. Its architecture is asymmetrical – one tower is wider than the other.

Copies of works by Rubens, Veremey, Murillo, sculptures by Bianchini adorn the interior of the cathedral.

Havana Grand Theatre

Grand Theatre in Havana – opened in the thirties of the nineteenth century, the building was formerly known as the Palace of Galasy Center and the Tacon Theatre.

The theater is among the largest in the world, the ornate auditorium can seat 1,500 spectators. At different times its stage has hosted great representatives of ballet, music, singing, theater.

Bolshoi Theater. Cuba, Havana

Marble sculptures adorn the theater walls

Currently, the Bolshoi Theatre is the country's main ballet stage, which also hosts many ballet troupes from around the world. There are several stages, concert halls and halls where all kinds of exhibitions are held.

Hemingway House Museum

The Hemingway House Museum is a picturesque two-story mansion in San Francisco's Paula neighborhood, where the famous writer lived for the last years of his life. A view of the Caribbean coast. The whole environment here is the same as it was in Hemingway's life: personal belongings, a huge number of books, a typewriter, a collection of weapons, souvenirs, photographs, trophies from hunting.

Hemingway's House in Havana

Hemingway Mansion Museum near Havana

In this house, the author wrote many of his famous novels. In the garden surrounding the house stands the boat "Pilar" in which the writer fished and went to sea, keeping an eye out for Nazi submarines during the war.

National Botanical Garden

This attraction is included in all tourist itineraries in Havana, the National Botanical Garden, one of the largest man-made parks in Latin America, with an area of more than 600 hectares.

One of Havana's popular attractions is the National Botanical Garden

This beauty lives in a botanical garden in Havana

Plaza de Armas

This square is the oldest in the city and is located near Havana Harbor. In translation, the name means a square of arms, reflecting its purpose as a staging area for Spanish troops during training and military parades. Built in the 16th century, it is surrounded by such ancient buildings as the Municipal Museum of Havana, the El Templete chapel, the Institute of the Book and the Santovenya residence. It is surrounded by bookstores, many cozy cafes that locals and visitors love to visit. On the square is a monument to Carlos Manuel Céspedes, a revolutionary fighter for Cuban independence.

Plaza de Armas. Havana Attractions

Ancient square in Cuba

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