Zanzibar Attractions

The picturesque archipelago of 75 islands in eastern Tanzania is an exotic sunny cocktail of different cultures. Colonial-style buildings, Arabian forts, idyllic beaches and bustling markets sights of Zanzibar Capable of impressing travelers without exception!

Zanzibar – An Exotic Paradise for the Inquisitive Tourist!

The Capital City of Zanzibar – The port town of Stone Town is a chaotic collection of palaces, mosques, bazaars, cathedrals, ruins, and intricate structures that are linked together by a narrow maze of streets.

Stone Town - Capital of Zanzibar

Stone Town is the capital of Zanzibar

Ancient Fort, a legacy of Arab rule

Arab fort meets tourists with tough, powerful walls and bristling with sharpened teeth. Visitors who are not deterred by its bellicose exterior find a lot to see and do within its grounds: an amphitheater, craft stores, souvenir shops, craftsmen's shops, cafes with local food.

The ancient fort, a legacy of Arab rule

Many people come to gawk at the Persian baths – They are remarkable not because of the antiquity of their walls, but with the latest equipment of the XIX century. An ingenious hot water system, heated halls and rooms are still atypical for most African countries.
House of Wonders – nicknamed by the inhabitants of the archipelago as the residence of the Sultan, is visible from afar due to the slender tower that towers above the other buildings. Behind the sumptuous copper doors are magnificent halls, themed exhibitions, and a staircase to the observation deck where you can admire the panorama of the city.

The House of Wonders is an integral part of Zanzibar's Stone City skyline

The House of Wonders is an inseparable part of the panorama of the Stone City of Zanzibar

Spectacular Malindi Mosque – One of the most precious pieces in the treasury of Islamic architecture. The conical minaret rising from a square platform is so atypical of Muslim construction that the mosque is considered the pride of Zanzibar. Sights related to the heritage of Christian missionaries, is also worthy of admiration. St. Joseph's Cathedral noticeably dilapidated with time, but its unattractive facades conceal surprisingly bright and elegant decorations.

Mosque and Catholic Cathedral - the spectacular sights of Zanzibar

Zanzibar's spectacular Mosque and Catholic Cathedral

An impressive memorial on the site of the former slave market

Anglican Church A reminder of the sad pages of African history – it was built on the site of a former slave market. There are also preserved underground chambers and an impressive memorial.

An impressive memorial at the site of a former slave market

The home of the legendary Freddie Mercury

To explore the eventful history of Zanzibar, you can go to museums: Beit el-Sahel Palace With authentic royal accessories and Beit El Ajaib Residence With exhibits reflecting all the cultural diversity of the island.
Another famous attraction in Zanzibar is Freddie Mercury's house. The building where the future Queen leader spent his first five years of childhood is a pilgrimage site for fans of the legendary band.

The legendary Freddie Mercury lived in this house

A visit to Stone Town Wouldn't be complete without a visit to the Forodhani night market. Dozens of chefs cook fish, seafood, lobsters, crabs so skillfully that it is impossible to pass by – you will be led by the marvelous aromas.

Zanzibar - a find for foodies!

Zanzibar – a real treat for gourmands!

Natural attractions of Zanzibar are one of the visiting cards of the archipelago. At Turtle Island You can spend the day in the company of sociable Aboriginal giant reptiles and then take a walk in the exotic forest and visit the former prison building.

Giant turtles are always welcome!

Giant tortoises are always welcome!

You will surely remember a trip to one of the many wellness resorts in Serbia spice farms. Learn how to pick your own coconuts, distinguish between breadfruit and jackfruit, chop your own cinnamon and share the secret of the perfect mix of cloves, nutmeg and pepper to make your meals smell as delicious as the culinary masterpieces of the Forodhani chefs!

Feel like Robinson Crusoe at the island of Cumb. In a natural reserve of breathtaking, unspoiled beauty, you'll find eternal summer and inspiration. Fabled African landscapes, a sky-blue Indian Ocean and white sandy beaches are Zanzibar's highlights!

The island of Cumb is a perfect place for relaxation

Chumb Island is the perfect place to relax