Ski resorts in Turkey, the list of the most popular ski resorts in Turkey

Ski resorts in Turkey

For Russian tourists, Turkey – it's beautiful beaches, turquoise sea, gentle sun and hotels, where "all inclusive". That said, few people know about ski Turkey, it is not as hyped as Europe, but there are pistes for both beginners and professionals. This mountainous country and its ski resorts attract tourists from all countries with landscaped slopes, beautiful snow-covered peaks, reasonable prices, a high level of service and an all-inclusive system.

Yes, there are some great ski resorts in Turkey

Tourists will not only ski, but also improve their health, have fun in the discos and bars, relax in a sauna or sauna. Many resorts in Turkey have a unified system of ski elevators, and their cost is included in the price of accommodation.One of the main advantages of ski resorts in Turkey is the inexpensive prices of accommodation compared to European resorts. The only downside is that there are fewer mass tours. Turkey annually builds beautiful hotels, opens new slopes, improves infrastructure, diversifies leisure activities.


The word "uludag" is translated as a big mountain. It is the highest in the Marmara Sea region. It is 2,543 meters high. This largest resort in Turkey is located in the city of Bursa. The peak of the winter season in the resort begins in January and February.

To get to this resort can be by car or by bus. As buses go to Uludag very often in winter, so it is not very difficult to get here.

Ski elevators running along the snow-covered peaks of Uludag Ski Resort

The big mountains of Uludag
Tours to Uludag are preferred by families with children, because there are different slopes and prices are quite affordable.Uludag has different slopes for downhill skiing and more than twenty slopes for skiing. For beginners – 800 meters, for professionals – about 2750 meters. The elevator for four hours costs 15 dollars. If you don't have your own equipment, you can rent skis and clothes. It will cost from five dollars. At this resort, you can take lessons with an instructor. Price from 15 USD.

Downhill skiing in Uludag ski resort with a child

In Uludag is very comfortable to ski with children

This resort has ten "green" slopes designed for beginners and children. Eight "blue" tracks for confident skiers. Six "red" slopes for advanced skiers. For fans of extreme sports here is one "black" slope.


For extreme lovers of sports helicopter flights are organized on the mountain slopes with a dizzying descent.Very popular and developing resort Palandoken. This resort has about thirty kilometers of slopes and twenty-two trails. There are eight "blue" and "red" slopes. Two "black" slopes for professionals, and there are four virgin slopes.

The slope of the Palandoken ski resort

Extreme lovers prefer the Palandoken ski resort

There are lovely cozy hotels here. There are ski schools for adults and children. There are saunas, swimming pools, nice restaurants and bars.

Erciyes Ski Resort.

Beautiful snow-covered slopes and elevators in the resort of Erciyes

Erciyes Resort is popular with students, snowboarders and downhill skiers. The resort has an area for both professional and amateur skiers.

In the resort of Erciyes excellent conditions for both beginners and professionals

The resort is located near the town of Kayseri and close to the airport. You can get here by bus or by cab.

At the resort of Erciyes rapidly built new slopes, elevators. Five ski escalators are built for children. Resort Erciyes has thirty-four mountain slopes with a total length of one hundred and two kilometers.

Children's snow house at Ercijes ski resort

Ski resorts in Turkey are no less welcome to small visitors

A single Skipass costs fifteen euros. Tourists, who visited this resort more than once, choose a hotel that is located near the elevators. At this resort tourists can have a great vacation for not much money.


Unlike other Turkish resorts is a fairly young developing resort, located at an altitude of 2100 meters. The most convenient way to get to the resort – by train. The train stop is located six kilometers from the resort, where you can easily get to the resort by bus or cab.

The Sarykamysh slope of the resort, running through a pine forest

In early December the season at this resort begins and lasts almost five months. But even in summer the resort is functioning, and fans of rock climbing come here.

Sarykamysh is a ski resort in a pine forest

This resort is perfect for a family vacation: pine forest, mountain air, gentle slopes. This resort has thirty-four kilometers of slopes. Resort Sarikamysh has different tracks: "blue," "red" and "black," there is a park for snowboarding. Renting skis and clothes is inexpensive – about five to six dollars per person per day.

Davraz Ski Resort.

To get to the resort you can take a bus. Very short holiday season at this ski resort, it begins in late December and ends in March. But tourists also come here in the summer, for picnics and mountain trekking. Not far from Antalya is the resort of Davraz. Tourists come to the resort from all over the world – from Europe, the Middle East, Russia. Prices in the resort are affordable and recreation is available to everyone.

At Davraz resort all tracks are for professionals and only one track for beginners. There are thirteen tracks and four elevators.

Mountain ski resort in Turkey - Davraz

Davraz is a ski resort located near the popular Antalya

Entrance to the ski elevator is paid by Skipass. A single ascent costs $ 1.25, and for the day – $ 6.5.If you don't have your own ski equipment, you can rent it. It will cost seven dollars for skis and nine dollars for a suit.

Even in Turkish ski resorts you can celebrate the New Year with your family. There are wonderful snow-covered slopes, speedy slopes, and cozy restaurants and bars where tourists have a great time with a glass of hot mulled wine.

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