Slovenia’s ski resorts

Slovenia is a country that lies between Italy, Croatia, and Hungary. The Venetian Gulf of the Adriatic Sea washes a small part of its territory. The capital of the state is Ljubljana.

There are a lot of trees and greenery in Slovenia, so the air is incredibly clean. The area of the whole country is equal to the area of the Moscow region, but it has always combined harmoniously the traditions and features of the Alpine, Central European and Mediterranean regions.

Slovenia in winter: The fabulous Lake Bled

European tourists often come here for winter holidays. For the majority of Russian experts of skiing extreme, Slovenia is absolutely unexplored testing ground. But it can safely be called a quiet paradise for lovers of skiing from high slopes.

Slovenia’s ski resorts are not as large-scale as Austrian, Swiss and French, but they are better organized in many ways. There are very rarely long queues on the slopes. Everything is organized so that nothing distracts the guest from the most important thing – skiing, picturesque peaks and scenery.

Every year the season is open from December to March. There are ski schools, kindergartens for little travelers, and numerous ski elevators and rentals. In some places a passion for winter sports can be pleasantly combined with spa treatments. It is also worthwhile visiting places of interest during your vacation or sampling some Slovenian specialties and local wine in a restaurant.

Ski resorts in Slovenia

Elevators in Slovenian ski resorts


Standard Alpine resort with more than 800 years of history. There are stores, banks, restaurants and bars. In summer you can go horseback riding, paragliding and rafting on the mountain river. In a word: you won’t get bored here.

The pistes at the resort are located at an altitude of more than 2000 m above sea level, close to the borders of Austria and Italy. There are 17 of them in total, the longest of which is 8500 m. There is a cableway to the slopes from the Italian side. The distance from the hotel to it is about 2 km.

Bovec. Slovenia, ski resortBovec is an alpine resort, where you can combine outdoor activities and sightseeing


Local slopes are very good for advanced skiers. There are also ideal places for beginners. There are three ski centers (Vogel, Kobla, and Sorishka Planina) in the ski region, each of which has its own distinctive features. All of them can be reached by a regular bus service from the hotel.

In summertime Bohinj is interesting for tourists with its picturesque nature, equipped beaches, excursions, boat rentals, stores, restaurants and even clubs.

Winter resort in Slovenia. The village of Bohinj

In Bohinj there are pistes for both amateurs and professionals

Kranjska Gora

The resort is also famous for the fact that here every year it holds the World Cup Alpine skiing competition. In Planica, one of the three local ski centers, there is a large ski jump. Despite the love of this place for professional skiers, it is comfortable for beginners as well.

Maribor pogorje

For those who are thirsty for adventure here are organized night runs with torches, hot-air balloon flights, group parachute jumps… Everyone coming to Gagra will like the variety of its attractions.

Maribor pogorje. Slovenia

Group hiking in a ski resort in Slovenia