St. Petersburg in the fall

The Northern Capital is gorgeous at any time of the year, but in the foliage of yellow leaves, a cloudy sky and the leaden waters of the Neva River the beauty of its monuments, cathedrals and bridges stand out even more vividly. St. Petersburg in Autumn even old acquaintances see a new side to themselves!

St. Petersburg is incredibly beautiful at any time of the year!

Fewer tourists visit St. Petersburg in the fall. The first gust of icy wind from the gulf of Finland will vividly explain this pattern. However, it’s enough to get warm, put on waterproof shoes and grab an umbrella to see the pluses in inclement weather. First of all, not only the leaves are falling, but also the prices of tickets, hotel accommodations, apartment rentals and tours. Second, tourists no longer crowd around popular attractions, so you can take great-looking photos, skip the lines, and soak up the autumnal atmosphere of St. Petersburg in peace.

Autumn in St. Petersburg

Autumn in St. Petersburg is a golden time for tourists (in every sense)

The gardens, squares and parks, bathed in scarlet and gold, are the main attractions of autumn in St. Petersburg. So grab your camera and take a trip to the Old Town for a leisurely stroll along the Neva River Summer, Yusupovsky, Mikhailovsky, Alexander’s, botanical garden, Park of the 300th Anniversary of St. Petersburg, visit Elagin island And take a peek at Champ de Mars. It will be beautiful everywhere. Slow pace of the walks and cozy atmosphere dispose also to new acquaintances. A gathering place for the creative elite of St. Germain, a picturesque garden at Derzhavin’s manor, Izmaylovsky Garden With a sculpture of an old angel also worthy of a note in your itinerary.

A view of a park in St. Petersburg in the fall

Every park becomes a real work of art!

rustling with leaves is possible not only within St. Petersburg city limits – the autumn transformed suburbs impress, delight and inspire. Park at Pavlovsk Designed with fall in mind. Be sure to take some sunflower seeds and nuts for birds and squirrels – it’s not decent to come here empty-handed, and the little inhabitants of the park will repeatedly remind you of this, running out to meet you. And if the walk is interrupted by a pesky rain, you can always take shelter in the palace.

Autumn view of a park in Pavlovsk

In Pavlovsk you get the most spectacular photos in autumn

Tsarskoe Selo – Another palette of bright colors in the picture of autumnal St. Petersburg. The regular park with pavilions, pavilions, ponds and tsar’s stands is created for exciting strolls or romantic photos. We would like to thank Autumn not only for the marvelous attire of the suburbs, but also for the opportunity to visit the famous Amber Room without queues and crowds…

Tsarskoe Selo in the fall

Let’s go to Tsarskoe Selo!

If you can’t resist the vagaries of the weather even a scarf or a thermos with something warm and tasty, you can go to museums and palaces. Take a leisurely stroll through the exposition Hermitage, Kunstkamera, Russian Museum. Meet some less popular, but just as interesting Metro Museum, Fabergé, Anna Akhmatova’s apartments and artist Isaac Brodsky. And how can you not pay tribute to the memory of Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin who praised the beauty of autumn at 12 Moika Street in St. Petersburg?.

Museum in St. Petersburg

A visit to the museum is a must on a cultural capital trip

It is in autumn that St. Petersburg confirms its status as a theater capital. On the scenes Mariinsky и Alexandrinsky Theatre long-awaited premieres shine. You can spend your free time in the New Holland, where concerts, art spaces and creative events are regularly held. And who can keep you warm in bad weather better than any sweater? Of course, the kitty! В “To the Republic of Cats” Guests and possible new masters are always welcome.

Ballet in St. Petersburg

The highest-profile premiers in St. Petersburg in autumn!

The northern capital’s restaurants, bars and cafes pamper you with new menus and specials. Wrap up in a plaid, sip mulled wine or spiced tea, enjoy pumpkin soup or sweet dessert while listening to the music of rain or watching the bustling Nevsky Prospect… And why autumn in St. Petersburg can’t last forever?

Cafe in Autumn in St. Petersburg

Cafe, tasty treats, autumn and St. Petersburg – what could be better??